• Full Rim Metal Round Unisex Specs Mania 9446-51

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    SpectaLook Full Rim Round Unisex Collections 

    • Frame design: Hexagonal frames are all about creativity and contemporary design. Hexagonal frames give an aura of edginess to your sense of style with their unusual form and geometric design. They are perfect for those who want to make an impression in the crowd and establish off their own sense of style.

      Comfortable wearing: Our hexagonal frames are created with this in mind. We focus on fitting and ability to adapt to offer an easy fit for all kinds of face shape. You can wear our hexagonal frames with confidence without feeling any discomfort or irritation. You will love it!

    • High-quality frames: We take pride in providing superior hexagonal frames that are designed to last. We use excellent components and precision production procedures to make frames that are not only appealing but also long-lasting and dependable. Yes only for you!

      Metal is a combination of HHH,

      High Prescriptions -
       Metal frames are designed to maintain their shape and fit over time, reducing the need for frequent adjustments or visits to the ophthalmologist.
      Hypoallergenic - One of the great advantages of metal frames is that they come with adjustable nose pads.
      Hide lens thickness - Because of its edges, it has an edge over the metal frame to hide the extra thickness.

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    Mansoor Shaik

    Full Rim Metal Round Unisex Specs Mania 9446-51