Vision Eye Plus Is Now SpectaLook

Vision Eye Plus a leading eyewear chain is now SpectaLook. One-step solution to spectacles, and goggles solution in a single place.

Shop online for eyeglasses for men, glasses for women, blue-cut glasses, and contact lenses at Since our beginning in the year 2013, we have been trying to provide our society with the best frames for men, the best frames for women, best frames for kids according to their needs, and in the process, we have got enormous support from our team. Our solitary object is to provide an ideal balance between customer needs, quality, and trends. We have in store for you a wide-ranging arrangement of products, which includes designer frames, branded sunglasses, and contact lenses.

Our Vision: We are in the business of eye care, where customers are our assets and employees are our strengths. To attain a global leadership position, we need to preserve our assets and keep enhancing our strengths by constantly providing them with a platform to advance their experiences and enhance their leadership capabilities. We do not compromise on our core ethics and therefore we are able to give excellent value to our customers, employees, and all stakeholders.

Our In-House Brands:

Trizor- A series of premium progressive lenses designed and engineered in India owned by SpectaLook, Trizor is segmented into 3 designs that vary in designs and features of the lenses. Active Lifestyle, Digital Lifestyle, ACE customized.

Eye-Iris- A series of premium single-vision lenses designed and engineered in India owned by SpectaLook, features a distinct coating that blocks harmful blue light, with Filter light technology along with Water repellent coating which resists the water droplets to stick on the lenses, Dust repellent coating that repel dust from the surface, Scratch resistance coating applied on the glass for mitigation against scratch and Front and back anti-reflection coating which minimizes the glares.

Synity Eyewear- A premium and elegant series of eyewear originated in-house, aims of providing high-quality eyewear with the motive of delivering high durability and non-allergenic metal frames, throughout India.