• Full Rim Acetate Round Kids SpectaLook 1117-44

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    SpectaLook Full Rim Cat Eye Women's Collections 

    • Frame design: Since 1960s fashionable and unique-looking, cat eye frames are topstyle choice among women. Inspired by silver screen starlets, cat eye frames have become a style icon and symbol of glamour and attitude. As per the people's opinions, cat eye design is like a fine tune instrument that will blend perfectly and soothing feeling. It's a browline frame, which draws attention to the upper face and adds balance, which simulate long eyelashes and a classic and sassy look.

      Comfortable wearing: Experienced is the best teacher. and we learned about thousand and thousand frames and their comforts. we can proudly say our experience will give ultimate comfort. Cat eye glasses are designed to enhance your elegance while providing you the utmost comfortable all day long. You will love it!

      High-quality frames: One can become ultra-lightweight but it's very difficult to become strong, durable with precision. Each one of our frames undergoes an antioxidant, plating process to ensure longevity and resistance. We have done multiple skin-friendly and anti-allergic tests for you. Yes only for you!

      Acetate is a combination of HHH,

      High Prescriptions -
       Acetate frame is always better when it comes to a high prescription. they can hold heavier and thicker lenses.
      Hypoallergenic - If you are allergic to nickel then acetate frames are a better the choice for you.
      Hide lens thickness - Because of its edges, it has an edge over the metal frame to hide the extra thickness.

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